Once you’re online and getting visitor traffic the real work begins: turning those visitors into buyers.

Your goal is our goal: improving conversion that translates into more profit. We will offer recommendations to ensure you’re always getting a maximum return on your Internet investment. Your success is our success.

Internet Marketing success relies on establishing a professional presence online and driving qualified traffic to your website. But, how can you tell if your website is really working:

What’s your website’s conversion rate? Not sure?

The conversion rate of your website (the percentage of visitors who make a purchase; sign up for a newsletter; download a report or whatever your objective may be), is really the most important statistic when it comes to understanding the health of your website because it’s how you measure your marketing Return on Investment (ROI).

If you didn’t have an answer to our question, you’re not alone. Despite the importance of conversion, we’ve found that it’s one of the least understood measurements among the business owners we speak to every day. Business owners expect a website to improve their bottom line, but often end up being disappointed by the lack of results.


Your website’s design, layout and overall presentation are other important factors that affect your conversion rate.

No one likes to shop in a store that’s disorganized, run down or poorly staffed. Customers want to find what they’re looking for easily, and when they have questions they expect a knowledgeable associate to be available to assist them.

Confusing layouts, incomplete product information and broken links account for the majority of customers abandoning a website even though they had already made the decision to purchase. Your goal is sales, so make sure there are as few roadblocks between your products and the “register” as possible.

Make it quick and convenient to buy from you and they will!

We’ll develop a straightforward strategy to get you online, attract qualified prospects and turn more of your website’s visitors into customers!